Rolling Mills

Astech have standardised designs to which will cope with arduous operating conditions. Torque measurement in rolling mill drives is a typical application.

Automotive (driveline)

Torque, strain and temperature measurements from driveshafts require reliable data transmission in harsh environments, where space is limited and large suspension displacements may occur.  Combinations of standard systems parts provide the solution for single and multi channel applications.

Automotive (other)

Standard design transmitters in disc and cylindrical shapes make it possible to obtain torque, strain and temperature data from components inside automotive gearboxes and engine components.


Small, specialised transmitters and assemblies designed to fit into small spaces associated with turbo charger applications. With rotational speed in excess of 60,000 RPM, collection of strain and temperature data from turbocharger rotors is quite a challenge.  Astech have many years of experience in this specialist application.

Gas Turbine

These examples are typical of customer transmitter assemblies used for the investigation of blade vibrations and temperatures in gas turbines.

Steam Turbine

Telemetry for larger scale turbines and applications.

Marine and Ships Trials

The simple inductive signal or signal + power transmission technique and steel strapping hand minimises installation work in ships trials.  The Astech range includes single and multi-channel systems with battery or inductive power for the transmitters.

Marine Torquemeter

Systems using standard parts are available for both short term measurement projects such as ship trials and fault investigations and also permanent torque/RPM/power measurement systems.

Rotary Test Rig

Transmitters and equipment set-ups for test rig applications.


A list of standard products available ‘off the shelf’. Bespoke solutions are also available.